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Our Approach

The California Community College system, the nation’s largest and most diverse, is a great resource to meet the workforce needs of California’s growing STEM economy.  Most of the 2.4 million students entering community college, however, lack the math, computer, and communication skills to pursue these high-wage technical careers.  Growth Sector, in collaboration with community colleges, foundations and employers such as NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore Lab,  has reimagined traditional educational models and created a new, innovative pathway to engineering and computer science opportunities.  Our new “STEM Core” model, now being implemented at 32 community colleges around California, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, and Maryland, has shown critical early success in readying students for calculus, engineering and computer science internships, jobs and/or transfer to B.S. degree programs.

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Program Highlight: STEM Core in Silicon Valley

Here is a video highlighting the STEM Core Initiative at 9 Silicon Valley-area colleges as part of the Silicon Valley Engineering Technology Pathways grant.